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Boxing, a wise choice for the development of youth!

Although many people believe otherwise, Olympic boxing is a very safe sport in comparison to more traditional sports such as hockey, football, soccer that have a medical consultation rate for injuries far greater than that of boxing.


Olympic boxing promotes and solicits athletic qualities that greatly promote the development of the youth such as:  a good physical fitness, confidence & self-esteem, emotional control, good decision making, concentration and discipline.


It is therefore common to see these athletic qualities transposed to the youth in his everyday life. This explains why boxing is often used by programs that fights against juvenile delinquency,  School perseverance  and  anti-bullying.

The Ludus Sport-Etude program is partnered with two local High-School : Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Lester B Peason. 

in order to be eligible for the program the student must adhere to Boxing program with the intention to compete and work out at least 15 hours per week with an accredited Sport-Étude Coach recognises by the Quebec Boxing Federation and the ministry of Education. 

Student will be enrolled in one the two fore-mentioned highschool and will go to school in an enriched sport-étude educational program in the morning and will practice at the boxing gym in the afternoon. 

Contact us for more information 


Monday to Friday 2pm to 5pm

Prices 2023-2024: 2,000.00$ per year + Taxes

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