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Starting a new jogging habit can be difficult for a new runner. If you feel a bit nervous or even shy about starting to run, do not panic, we're here to help you. Instead of starting habits on your own, come and take one of our accessible beginner courses accessible to all levels of physical fitness. We will help you understand the basics of jogging and we will help you achieve your personalised goal.

Whether you're running for better health, weight loss, competition, or fun, you'll have to learn the basics. You can start with our beginner, classes that includes a personalised training plan, evaluation of the running biomechanics, tips on how to run. we will  answer your questions  such as  how and where to run,  what to eat, what to wear and to help you eat well and prevent injuries. 


You are preparing for a 5 km, 10 km, a half or a marathon, you want to beat you Personal Record. We can help you set a realistic objective, prepare you physically with our personalised training plans that includes a running schedule and cross training plan, Race and nutritional plan for the race day. We will follow your evolution via our one on one coaching adapted to your personal objective. We may even accompany you at your next race to support your race plan


Run, but why?

     This is a question that haunts people who does not understand the interest of running. It is fairly regular to hear phrases such as "running is useless" or "running is boring" or "running is a good way to get injured". But in reality Running a great way to get some ME time. to set moment of your day that allows you to think of you without any distractions. with the correct support Running is the best way to  get physical and psychological benefit such as weight loss,  stress control and self estime.

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Benefits of running 

1. Easy to learn

 2. Flexible and low cost

3. Burn a lot of calories

4. Improve overall health

5. Reduce stress

6. Prevent diseases

7. Help to lose weight

8. Increase your energy level

9. Live longer

10. Meet new people

11. Better sleep

12. Feel good about yourself